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IKA laboratory technology offers a wide range of innovative equipment for numerous applications in research and development. Market leaders trust in our proven technology for their mixing, heating, distilling and crushing applications. IKA has gained a leading position in the world market with its innovative magnetic stirrers, mixers, overhead stirrers, shakers, homogenizers, mills, rotary evaporators, calorimeters, laboratory reactors and specially developed software for laboratory and analysis applications.


Honor Award for Expansion Project IKA Works, Inc.

- The expanded North American headquarters for IKA Works, Inc. tailors a German aesthetic to an American workplace  ...read more

IKA is expanding its range of temperature control instruments to include the compact immersion circulators ICC and the highly efficient recirculating chillers RC2

- When developing the series, the team has placed a particular emphasis on safety and temperature consistency  ...read more

The Magnetic Stirrer for Scientist - Satety. Power. Intelligence

- The RET® control-visc is the safest, strongest and most intelligent magnetic stirrer in its class  ...read more

North American expansion and renovation project at IKA Works, Inc. in Wilmington (North Carolina)

- Starting in 2014, the North American expansion and renovation project has been completed  ...read more

Customizing Center

- Launched 2014, IKA is offering an additional benefit for its customers: The IKA Customizing Center. Special designs based on customers' specifications.  ...read more

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