Temperature Control Circulation and Immersion thermostat
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Temperature Control

IKA offers a wide range of high-precision temperature control systems according to DIN 12876 for temperature ranges of -20°C to 250°C. The product portfolio includes immersion circulators, heating bath circulators and recirculating chillers. Precise technology and user-friendly design make temperature control easy for any application. All IKA temperature control instruments meet the highest standards in terms of safety, power and intelligence. In addition, IKA provides a wide range of accessories for its temperature control systems such as baths, bridges, thermal fluids and much more.

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Compact Immersion Circulators ICC: The ICC is a compact immersion circulator for demanding and universal applications, based on an exceptionally well thought-out ergonomic concept and design.
Immersion Circulators IC: IC immersion circulators can be used to temper fluids to temperatures of up to 250°C. Thanks to the flexible bath bridge, the immersion circulator can be mounted on different sized baths.
Heated Bath Circulator HBC: HBC heated bath circulators heat up rapidly thanks to their high-quality insulation. The drain valve on the front allows the user to fully drain the bath safely.
Recirculating Chillers RC 2: The RC 2 is a high-efficiency circulating chiller with a powerful 400-W cooling system for temperature ranges of -20 to +40°C.
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