CBC 5 basic

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Ident. No. 0004165000

The CBC 5 basic is a powerful refrigerated and heating circulator with strong heating and cooling power for an operating temperature range of - 25 °C to + 200 °C. It is best suited for external applications thanks to its proven pressure and suction pump. High-quality insulation of the device allows for fast heat-up times and reduces heat input at low temperatures. All parameters are manageable (read out, monitored and completely documented) by software (e. g., labworldsoft(r) or NAMUR commands).

  • High performance pressure/suction pump (speed-controlled)
  • Industry standard LED display for maximum visibility (pump speed and temperature)
  • Adjustable safety circuit
  • Visible and audible alarm
  • Safety drain valve
  • USB / RS 232 interfaces (labworldsoft(r) and enabling online updates of device software)
  • Connection for external temperature probe (PT 100)
  • Safety classification III (FL, DIN 12876)